Since 1956…

Studying the art of dance at Kirkpatrick’s has become a tradition for hundreds of peninsula families. Our school provides excellent instruction for ages 3 to adult. Young dancers, many even second or third generation students of Kirkpatrick’s, begin their dance training by learning the fundamentals of dance. We’re proud of our excellent staff, many of which trained and grew up at Kirkpatrick’s. Many of our students graduate and go on to perform and study dance in the professional world.

Quality is a tradition at Kirkpatrick’s and both our experienced director, Stacey Caesar McDonald, and our staff share the same enthusiasm for the school.

Why do we put on annual productions? The primary purpose of a dance production is to give our students the ultimate and complete experience they deserve. Performing in a full scale dance production teaches valuable lessons of self-confidence, memorization, energy, stamina, focus, organization and most of all, teamwork. We feel very strongly that all dancers deserve a chance to perform. Our performances are optional, but most students anticipate the shows with great excitement.