Is Your Child Ready to Dance?

Kirkpatrick’s School of Dance has had a successful Pre-Dance program since 1956. Our teachers are trained professionals who handle each student in a warm and friendly manner.

Each class consists of ballet, tap and light mat work. Tiny Dancer is designed for children 3 years of age and our Little Stars classes are structured for children 4 and 5 years of age.

Through years of experience we have found that children mature at different rates. Not all children are ready for instructional classes or a ten-month course commitment. It is very important to talk with your child and explain what a dance class is like. Is your child eager and ready to participate in a dance class?

A child dancing around at home is not necessarily a sign of class readiness.

If you are considering enrolling your child into Tiny Dancer or Little Stars (depending on your child’s age) the following are required.

  1. Your child must be the required age by the first day of the dance season.
  2. Your child must be potty trained.

The following abilities are highly recommended for your child to benefit from dance. Does your child have the following abilities?

  • Is your child ready to spend time away from Mom, Dad or guardian?
  • Is your child able to sit and listen for 5 – 10 minute intervals?
  • Is your child able to follow simple instructions such as point your toe?
  • Has your child been in a social setting such as Pre-school, etc?

To ensure an enjoyable and successful experience, we have found the following suggestions helpful.

  • Children should be well rested and kept calm before attending class.
  • Children do better in dance class if they aren’t overextended by too many other activities.
  • Children should have a healthy meal (that doesn’t include sweets) before attending class.
  • Please let your child know that dance class is fun but not playtime.
  • Arriving late for class, chronic absences, and not having the proper attire (including dance shoes) can easily upset children and result in the child not wanting to attend class.
  • Children should use the bathroom before class.
  • Make sure the class time is not close to, or during their usual nap time.
  • If your child is upset or crying, please do not have them enter the classroom until they have calmed down.


Dance teaches many important social skills such as sharing, taking turns, being polite to peers, etc. Parents, please support your children in these skills. Your support will ensure their success in all they do.

Revised 03/27/18