Sleeping Beauty 2014

A modern interpretation of the classic fantasy tale of Sleeping Beauty.

The Ugly Duckling 2014

Kirkpatrick’s school of ballet performs a stunning rendition of the Ugly Duckling with grace and elegance.

Treasure Island 2014

A powerful Jazz performance inspired by the tale of Treasure Island.

Ever After 2014

The Ballet performance of “Ever After” is beautifully executed by Kirkpatrick’s rising dance talent.

Haunted 2013

A thrilling modern dance piece representative of the haunted forest from the Wizard of Oz.

Emerald City Ambassadors 2013

The Emerald City Ambassadors welcome Dorothy of the Palace of Oz in this amazing Tap Dance number.

The Magic Dance 2013

The Magic Dance is a Jazz number from the Wizard of Oz.

Phantom of the Opera 2012

Creative, Unique, and Modern. Kirkpatrick’s amazing ability to transform classic pieces into modern artwork.

Dream Girls 2012

A high energy rendition of the Broadway class from Dream Girls – “One Night Only” from Kirkpatrick’s Jazz team.

Flower Drum Song 2012

In this Ballet performance Kirkpatrick’s dancers transform San Francisco tradition into grace and elegance.

42nd Street 2012

A Tap Dance rendition of the Broadway classic – 42nd Street.

Hello Dolly Pre-School 2012

The Pre-School dance class shows off their amazing talent in this fun “little” number.