Policies and Tuition Information

Updated 3/27/18


School Term
The dance season is ten months, Mid-August through June. The course includes 40 sessions consisting of regularly scheduled lessons, rehearsals and performances. Exceptions to the dance term are transfer students, and special classes started after the season begins. Students are accepted for the full term..

Registration fees and first month tuition are paid when registering Registration fees are non-refundable.

Tuition is due the first of each month. We do not send out payment reminders or statements. There is a grace period until the 15th of the month. Tuition received after the 15th of the month will be charged a $15.00 late fee. Additional $15.00 late fees will be added each month thereafter, if the monthly balance is not paid in full. Convenient payment options: check, cash, credit, debit, or electronic funds transfer. All accounts must be paid in full before the end of the term. If an account is not paid in full, you will be ineligible to register for the following year.

Returned Checks
A $25.00 service fee is charged for all first time returned checks, $50.00 for a second return. More than two returned checks per term will result in payment by cash or money order/cashier’s check ONLY.

Refusal of Service
The owners/directors of Kirkpatrick’s School of Dance have, at their discretion, the right to refuse and terminate enrollment of any student at any time. Kirkpatrick’s has the right to refuse service to anyone whose intent is to impugn, damage, or make false and defamatory statements toward Kirkpatrick’s and its staff.

Drop Policy
If a student must drop a class/classes, or withdraw from the school, Kirkpatrick’s must be notified in writing before the beginning of the month in which the student is dropping the class/classes, or the parent/guardian continues to be responsible for tuition payments. Written notification may be through letter or fax, and MUST have a handwritten signature. Emails may be accepted as notification of a student dropping with administration approval.

Student Dismissal
If a registered student does not attend any classes during the month of September, and the office has not been notified in advance of these absences by the parent/guardian, Kirkpatrick’s will drop the student, and they must reregister prior to the class closure date. If a student misses 5 consecutive classes, at any time during the year, without notification to or communication with Kirkpatrick’s, the student will be dropped from classes, and will have to reregister. If either of the above occurs after the class closure date, the student will have to wait to register until the following term.

Class Placement
A child’s placement is decided by age, and skills level as determined by the school’s discretion. Chronic absences may result in a student not advancing or repeating a level the following term.

Class Schedule
The class schedule is subject to change due to enrollment or necessity.

Absences from class, due to illness or conflicting obligations, will not alter monthly tuition in any way. Make-up classes are available, and are recommended. Classes missed due to illness or conflicting obligations need to be made up within 30 days. If an equivalent level is not available, your teacher will recommend an appropriate make-up class. If four or more absences occur on an attendance roster, it is at the discretion of the faculty if the student will be allowed to participate in examinations and performances. When two absences occur in a row, the office should be notified by phone or email. Chronic unexplained absences may result in a dancer being dismissed from the performance and/or the school.

Students with fevers, colds, flu, or any contagious symptoms are not permitted in class. An ill student must be fever-free without medication for at least 24 hours to return to class. It is at the teacher’s discretion to send ill students home. Students sent to class with an injury must have a note from a parent or doctor to sit out of class.

Student Drop-off/Pick-up
Punctuality is a basic rule of all learning establishments and is necessary for the physical and psychological well being of the student, the class, and instructor. Students are not to be left unattended before or after class. Please be sure the student arrives at least 10 minutes before class begins. Continual tardiness and frequent absences are almost always the cause of a student’s loss of interest in the program. Parents/Guardians are to arrive 10 minutes before class ends to pick up their child. Tiny Dancer-Combo students must be signed out by a parent/guardian. Students are required to remain inside the building to wait for parents/guardians after class. Parents/Guardians who are chronically late picking up their child will be billed $1.00 for each minute they are late, payable to the instructor.

Classroom Etiquette
Classroom etiquette dictates that the student should be in the classroom on time, wearing the correct uniform and ready for dance. Talking is not allowed during instruction. Gum and Jewelry are not allowed in dance class. Students are to be respectful to their teachers and classmates at all times. Behavior Problems: If a student causes any disruption that interferes with the learning process, the student may be asked to sit out. If the student continues to be disruptive, the teacher or the school directors will contact the parents. Chronic behavior issues may be grounds for dismissal.

All students are required to wear the uniform listed on the Uniform Requirement list.  The designated class uniform allows the teacher to visually evaluate student body alignment and placement. Dance sweaters are recommended during cold weather. Students are not allowed to wear street clothing in class. All students must conform to the uniform code. Students out of uniform may be asked not to participate.
Hair: Tiny Dancer, Little Stars, Super Stars and Kinderdance students are to wear their hair in either pigtails or ponytails. Combo and Ballet students are to wear their hair in a bun. Tap and Jazz students are to wear their hair in a ponytail. Students with short hair need to wear it secured away from the face.

Holiday Closures
Kirkpatrick’s will be closed at various times of the year for holidays. Please see the yearly calendar for the dates of these closures. Holiday closures do not alter monthly tuition. Holiday closures are taken into account when tuition amounts are set. Make-up lessons are available.

June Production
Participation in our production is optional. Those choosing to participate will require the advance purchase of a costume. The costume order forms are sent out in October. They must be returned by the date noted on the form, or a costume WILL NOT be ordered for your student. This costume purchase is non-refundable after December 1st. No late costume orders will be placed.

Observation Days
Parents may observe classes the last seven class days of the month, during the following months: September, October, December, January, April and May. We DO NOT have class observation days during August, November (due to the holiday closures), February/March (due to exams – dates to be determined) or June. Tiny Dancer and Little Stars parents may also observe the first class of the term. We ask all visitors to observe quietly and to keep younger children quiet and contained for the duration of the lesson.

Viewing Area
The viewing areas are only for class observation weeks. Our hallways are a designated QUIET ZONE during class hours. All disruptive persons will be asked to leave. Children are to be supervised at all times.

Videotaping and photography of any kind are STRICTLY PROHIBITED. This is to ensure a safe learning environment, free of distractions, as well as the privacy of our students.
EXCEPTIONS: Videotaping is permitted the last week of classes in December, Costume Check week (dates to be announced), and for the Tiny Dancer/Little Stars/New performances.

Please read all newsletters and notices handed out to the students, mailed or emailed directly to you. These newsletters and notices are written to keep parents and students informed and updated.

Lost & Found
All items left in the studios will be placed in the dressing room. (Exception: electronic devices will be kept in the office.) We are not responsible for any belongings left in the studios, waiting rooms or dressing room. Kirkpatrick’s is not responsible for any lost or stolen belongings. Please keep your valuables with you at all times.

Food and Drink
EATING AND DRINKING ARE ALLOWED IN THE ENTRANCE LOBBY AREA ONLY. Please keep this area clean and orderly. We reserve the right to prohibit food on the premises. Water ONLY, in sealable bottles, is permitted in the viewing areas and the studios.

Kirkpatrick’s parking slots are located in the lot on Leslie Street. Our slots are labeled and on the fence side of the lot ONLY! The opposite side belongs to the Union Hall. You may park on 17th Avenue or anywhere around the vicinity. Please do not park in our small staff lot on Leslie St.  Also, do not park at the Machinist Union, located on 17th Avenue.  Please adhere to all posted signs as Kirkpatrick’s will not be responsible for parking violation consequences.