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Laura Nelson

Laura Nelson trained since childhood at Professional Ballet School in Belmont, CA, under the tutelage of Zoltan Peter and Carmela Zegarelli Peter for ballet, Kimberly Drake for jazz dance, and Tanya Bello for modern dance. She has also attended summer intensives at Boston Ballet DanceLab, Pacific Northwest Ballet in Seattle, and Alonzo King LINES Ballet. She has worked professionally with Peninsula Ballet Theatre under Carlos Carvajal, numerous projects with ballet directors Michael Lowe and Mario Alonzo, and a piece with Reginald Ray Savage of Savage Jazz company. She currently dances and composes music in Coleen Lorenz’s contemporary ballet company New Ground Theatre Dance. As a career musician who grew up playing classical piano, she has written and recorded with classic rock and metal bands, as well as gone on tour twice with a punk band. Inspired by many styles and many expressions, she is eager to teach ballet and jazz dance at Kirkpatrick’s!