Kirkpatrick’s School of Dance offers a wide variety of disciplines for all ages. Our disciplines are listed below.



Our high-energy classes teach rhythm, timing, coordination and musicality. Students learn all of the basic sounds and steps from shuffles to wings. We teach the classic style of tap with basic steps all on the ball of the foot. Strong fundamentals are emphasized as well as memorization of choreography. Students will learn a studio routine and a show piece as well.



This innovative form of dance encompasses isolation movements and rhythmic exercises developing stamina and flexibility. Dancers learn a variety of jazz styles originating from Broadway musicals to the latest rock videos. Upper level jazz requires ballet classes and students are placed by teacher recommendation.



From the basic positions of the feet to advanced classes in pointe, ballet instruction cultivates self-discipline, body control, balance, strength, posture, poise and flexibility through the artistry of classical ballet technique. Our teachers are certified in the Cecchetti Method of Ballet which emphasizes proper technique in graded lessons. This prevents pushing a student beyond their level which can lead to injury. Our pointe classes focus on strength through basic barre exercises. Pointe students are selected on an individual basis which usually occurs during level 5-6. (age 13 & up) We are very conscious of correct placement to keep our students injury free.



Branching off ballet and jazz, modern dance is a free formed, interpretive style of dance with an emphasis on working the body from within. A ballet background is required due to the intense floor work, stamina and flexibility needed for this class.


Hip Hop

This style of dance derives from a rich history of urban movement that has culminated into a melting pot of diversity from multiple cultures and disciplines. Students will learn body isolations, execution and presence, dance trends both new and old, history and technical skills of hip hop sub-disciplines including but not limited to groove foundation, popping, locking, house, waacking, vogue, etc. This is an aerobic, light-hearted form of dance which can help build muscle strength, stamina and self-confidence.

Contemporary (New addition to this season)

Originally informed by and borrowing from Ballet, Modern, and Jazz, it has since come to incorporate elements from many disciplines of dance. We are excited to be offering Contemporary to our class offerings this season as it will encompass and blend disciplines to create, mold and build new avenues for our dancers to travel.

Tuition Rates

Our tuition rates are based on how many hours of classes dancers take per week and are charged monthly. Here is our price guide for our tuition rates.

Monthly Tuition.png

* Tuition for 45-minute classes a week typically apply to Pre-Dance Classes.
Having trouble viewing the chart? Click here for the PDF version of the Tuition Breakdown.

NOTE: Some classes may require fulfillment of prerequisites. Please contact the office for more information.  Class Schedule Updated as of 9/12/19.

NOTE: Some classes may require fulfillment of prerequisites. Please contact the office for more information.

Class Schedule Updated as of 9/12/19.


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