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Theater Rehearsals (Level 3 - Advanced Level)

Kirkpatrick’s will be holding Theater Rehearsals at the Carlmont High School. It is highly important all dancers show up to Theater Rehearsals in order to work on the actual stage space. Both rehearsals will be broken down into the following:

  • Tuesday June 23rd: Tech Rehearsal (Costume/Makeup NOT Required, however dance attire is STILL required)
    This rehearsal is to help the technical booth set up the music and lighting cues as well as get comfortable working on the stage.

  • Wednesday June 24th: Dress Rehearsal (Full Costume AND Makeup Required)
    This rehearsal is for all dancers to fully perform on stage before opening night of the dance show.

Please note, all theater rehearsals must be attended. No show to any of these rehearsals will be subject to dismissal from dance show.


Dance Show (Level Intro - 2 Matinee Show)


Dance Show (Level 3 - Advanced Evening Show)